MABI Speedy 12 Cobot
Human-robot collaboration (HRC)

The "flexible manufacturing" often publicised today is the rationale for this development and it is based on a lightweight design with excellent damping characteristics. This 6-axis kinematics system with standard wrist is a lightweight in its class; nonetheless it offers high positioning precision for high-speed applications thanks to a high-resolution absolute feedback encoder.

The robot is controlled through an intuitive graphic user interface which all operators will find easy to learn.

Available as:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Advanced


• Lightweight design
• 6-axis kinematics system with standard wrist
• High positioning precision
• Intuitive graphical user interface

The SPEEDY 12 by MABI Robotic is an extremely flexible six-axis robot. Full engineering and installation at the Veltheim factory in Switzerland – to the usual Swiss standard of quality.

Load: 12 kg

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